Breeding of Miniature Schnauzer BS


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Zig Zag Zira
Born 27.02.04
Eyes clear 19.10.08
35 cm high

Zira has developed to a elegant young lady.
She has her mothers excellent coat quality.
Zira is curios and wants to be where any action is.  She loves people but are very dependent of mom.
Her debut in the ring was very good, we hope for many good moments in her future.

Judge Michael Mccarthy´s Critic 16.05.05
"Very pretty in outline, everything in good balance, well shape in muscle, good scull, nice pigment, eye and ear.
Very firm in front, good shape of shoulder, nice ribcage, firm topline, nice angulations, good hock well down.
 Moves better coming than going."

From Shows

3 CK
3 Honor Prize