We are Oddrun and Børge Knudsen living in Tromsø, Norway.
Dogs has in all year been a major part of our life , we have earlier had both Gordon Setters and Chihuahua.
Our first mini arrived in our home in spring -01, and along with her our love for this special breed where born.
 "Turbo Tina " did well in the show ring , and the idea of breeding started.
There are some dogs you get a special contact with , our Dina is one of those.
She is still mom´s little "dog patrol" , and the undisputed leader of the pack.


Along with my very good friend Oddrun Søfting we applied for our kennel name the autumn -03.
It is a long process , and our first litter where born prior to Kennel Di Chi became approved at FCI.
The name is put together by the name´s from our first two dogs.
Later new dogs has arrived. We wanted to add new blood lines ,
and imported the male Armani Vom Ahrensfeld from Germany in -05.
The latest contribution is a very pretty female, House Kazak Rainbow, from Serbia.
We thank all our breeders for these wonderful dogs!

We don´t have much puppies a year. Our dogs live, and are raised as family members in our home.
It is our desire to breed dogs with good temper , good health and typical breed exterior .
This is demanding work , without any guaranties.
All our dogs are showed and eye examined clear prior to their use in breeding.
Many thanks to our good friends Rita Trainin(Kennel Barzakan)
Tony Schultheiss(Barba Nigra Kennel) and Lone Gjerdalen(Gregorius Kennel),
who has shared with us of their long experience with breeding.

Thank you for taking time to read about us!