Finally time for a long overdue update in here!
Summer arrived, and while we enjoyed the beautiful wether messages and photos have ticked in about our puppies
settled well in new homes bringing joy and laughter to their new families. Also more wonderful shownews from Sweden!!!

05.07.14 Di Chi's Hot Blooded "Laban" got BOB and CACIB in Ronneby ,30 entrys
and ended as BIG 2 :)

So many thanks to his owner Charlotte Orre, and his handler/ mom Malin Olsson for all your great work with him.
Big Congratulations from us all!!!

In late June Laban and Mathilda also won dog and child competition again, they are such a superteam together :)

Big Congratulations to Mathilda and Laban from us all!!!


Our babies that left for new homes just before midsummer are doing very well.
Many thanks to the new owners for all news from them after delivery, we are so happy to see them thriving and spreading joy!!!

Di Chi's Time Bandit "Toby" the new member of the Falch Bjørklund family :)

                   ( photo from 11 weeks coming, still on my mobile)
Di Chi's Badass ain't Cheap "Crazy", the new member of the Blakkestad family :)

Di Chi's Braveheart "Soja", the new member of kennel Cape Paradise and the Starrin family in Sweden :)

Di Chi's Classy Bitch "Rio", the new member of our house ;)

More photos from our time with the puppies will be added in our Gallery, photos on table are on the litter's site under puppies!



We are so proud and happy to share the latest showresults on dogs from us :)

Di Chi's Six-Pack "Jamie"

South Rogaland Brukshundklubb May 11, Judge Freddy Christensen:

"Large powerful. VG type. Good head. Good neck/top line. A little close behind. ? front. Good movement from the side."
Exc 1 CK
CAC 2 Best Male

Norwegian Papillon and Phalene Club May 12, Judge Christina Epuras:

 "Very typical male. Good prop. of head typical stop and bite, elegant nech very good ang. strong topline short and strong body, typical posision of tail very nice dog for show."

Big Congratulations to Irene Eriksen from us all!!!


...and in Sweeden,

SE UCH Di Chi's Hot Blooded "Laban"
was Best In
Show at Osby BKs unofficial exhibition today (300 entries)
to BIS judge Bengt-Åke Bogren and breed/group judge Marie Callert.
And big congrats to both Charlotte Orre and Malin Olsson from us all!!!


Our puppies just turned 3 weeks, and are developing very nice!




We so prodly present our new babies, 2 boys and 2 girls...mom and children are triving!

Happy Easter to all :)


We visited the vet today with Indy, and on ultrasound saw the first images of little ones developing in her tummy.
All of us are so excited to expect puppies in the house again  :)
More info on puppypage!


Happy New Year!

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