To all little Di Chi`s and their familys, and visitors on our site..
Merry Christmas!


Our lights are lith, we wish all a nice Christmas season!


Small anniversaries have come and gone, Ari has turned 7 years and Tootza 6years.
They hold up pretty well bothof them,
healthy and strong as they always been.

Tootza running free, alsoe new photo on her page!

Ari on mountain hike!

Also little Solo is growing up and has frontpage as she is 4 months today, she sure lives up to all our hopes so far!

And Autumn has been just wonderful up north....


A warm welcome to the Mikalsen family in Tromsø, where Chevy now is stationed. After a trial period of 14 days it was reasuring and very apparent that Chevy love them just as much as they love him :)

New page for Solo in on,along with an update of Keeper and Indys pages!


We have had an absolutely wonderful doggy weekend at the yearly Autumn shows in Tromsø!
Two days, one National and one International...many beautiful dogs, wonderful people and nice show wether!

Of our dogs Indy and Keeper attended again, and this time very exiting...
Keeper was now for the first time old enough for the title Norwegian Champion!

Day 1, Nasjonal for judge Hassi Assenmacher-Feyel, Germany - 11 entrys

Di Chi`s Brash`N Bold "Keeper"  Exc1,Ck,Cac,BOB...and with that result Norwegian Champion
Qualifica`s In Style "Indy"         Exc1,Ck,Cac, BOS

Big thank you to Lill-Gørill for helping out!
Congratulations also to Lene Brevadt and Kennel Qualifica, we are so happy for our little Indy :)

Keeper loves the big ring and the BIG dogs,
in group he was placed as nr 3 for judger Monique Van Brempt, Belgium.


Day 2 International for judge Børge Espeland, Norway -  17 entrys

"Champion who easily defends his title, typical Schnauzer, super neck and carrige, good topline, strong hindquarters,
good coat and color, great breed typical movements"

Di Chi`s Brash`N Bold "Keeper"   Exc1,Ck,Cacib,BOB
Qualifica`s In Style  "Indy"      Exc2

Congratulations to Åsa and Uli with beautiful Ewa :)

All show photos are taken by "my dear photographer" Børge Knudsen, you are wonderful love!

Also a few weeks have passed and the baby of the house Di Chi`s Miss Singleton 2012 "Solo" is now 11 weeks!
She stays here, and new page for her is comming soon :)


More photos from show and of little Solo will come in Gallery!


Some new photos of our little "Miss Singleton", now 6 weeks!



We got wonderful news from Chottis!
Di Chi´s Hot Blooded "Laban" was at first attempt after reaching age Swedich Champion
BIG Congratulations from all of us to Chottis and Laban, and so many thanks for super photos!



At home we are all enjoying the little princess of the house. She is now 3 weeks and develpoing very evenly and nice :)
She may be a singleton, but is in no way lonely. Family is egerly waiting their turn to snuggle and play with her,
and like a true Schnauzer she loves beeing the senter of everyones attention!

Big brother Keeper snuggletime :)

Aunt Indy loves their playtime :)


And she is here, "Miss singleton" as we call her!

Tootza did such a great job!
First time delivery really, as first litter was by cecerian, and little one came hindlegs first and was 240 gr.
Now we just enjoy the sight of them together, they are just wonderful!


We had a few days of summer up north that we made the most of,
and then the grey was back with perfect timing for the days needed to prepare the dogs for spring national shows in Tromsø :)
We had a wonderful weekend, and the chance to show Keeper for the same Judge his father was showed for during his stay with us.
Indy is now a young lady at 16 months and made her adult debut straight into open class,
 so very proud of her preforming like she had done this many times.  Both Keeper and Indys site are updated with new critics!


09.06  Judge  Britta Roos-Børjeson, Sweden
Di Chi´s Brash´n Bold                      Exc1, Ck, CAC,BOB
Qualifica´s In Style                         Exc1, Ck, CAC,BOS

In group competition for Judge Rui Oliveira, Portugal

10.06 Judge Rita Kadike-Skadina, Latvia
Di Chi´s Brash´n Bold                      Exc1, Ck, CAC,BOB
Qualifica´s In Style                         Exc1, Ck, CAC,BOS

(Not so eazy to handle both dogs at once, but hey,hey))
So many thanks to all Judges!

More photos of our beautiful Indy( a little wavy in coat now, do to my use of new strippingknife I think..back to the old dull one)

...and some more of our young "oh so happy" Keeper, we are so proud of them both!


Now we look forward to puppies arrival, just one week left filled with magical moments of babykiks in Tootzatummy :)


We look forward to a summer full of baby snuggle!
Today it was confirmed that Tootza this time has puppies :)
Beautiful days we enjoyed ...


Our dear special Dina was 11 year in April!

Photos are taken on her day.
Still beautiful, still healthy and still enjoy playing at junior level, a fantastic lady :)


We have waited and waited :))...then today an ultrsound show Tootza fooled us compleately,
she has been very convincing falce pregnant :))
Next time there will be no trust in signs alone!


Our beautiful little Indy is 1 year old today, and we made new photos a few day ago.
Camera still loves her and we got so many super photos of her, three are posted on site,
the rest you can see in our Gallery on "last upload"!

Qualifica´s In Style

And we also have a little Tootza belly growing in house, and very much look forward to puppies arrival :)


If all goes well, we will soon have puppies in the house...all signs so far look very good!

We alsoe had wonderful news from Sweden!
Di Chi´s Hot Blooded "Laban" and his owner Chottis attended MY DOG show, two international show days!
Results where on day one,  CAC BOB CACIB
Second day,   CAC BOB CACIB and GROUP-4 placement

(Photographer; Bisse Falk )
Big Congratulations from all of us, we are very happy and proud of you two :)......

Alsoe new link is on!


Happy New Year!

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