We wish all a nice Advent!


It has been a long Autumn up north, no snow for us yet and as days are getting darker it would be nice to have a little!
We also had lots of rainy days, but have enjoyed a few beautiful once with camera!

In these photos Indy and Keeper!

We also received happy news on our litter 8 :)
Viper siblings, Lea - Jambo and Timon, enjoying life with their familys, many thanks to owners for all nice updates and photos!



Di Chis Six-Pack "Jamie" has become a father, and we got photos of the adorable babies now 4 weeks old :)

Congratulations to Irene at Cirsium Kennel, and best wishes for these little ones from us all :)


Daddys boy Viper and his siblings in litter 8 is 1 year old today, happy birthday
to them all from all of us!


Autumn exhibition in Troms is well over, this year outdoors in August.
One National and one International under varying weather conditions,
on the front page
a splash
ing wet Keeper on his last Junior show :))

It should be noted that the
clippering was not good ENOUGH this time on Keeper in my eyes (have no idea where my eyes have been), and with a Tootza in "high season" at home Keeper was not so eazy to work with this weekend.
big thank you to the judges
that still SAW our lovely boy!

This was also the weekend our little Indy debut
ed in the ring at her first puppy show, and the performance from her ...
...we are so proud! :)
All training in combination with her great
carisma did pay off,
and she
had a strong competitor which was also very nice!

show. THK 27.08 Puppy 6-9mnd Judge Sven Slettdal, Norway / group judge Soli Bister, Finland
Qualifica's In Style "Indy" 7 months BOB BIG 4

"7 months very well built feminine bitch with many good details. Well balanced nice short body, Beautiful head and expression. Good
neck. God front. Tight nice back line. Good angulated rear, moves very well. Nice temperament. Nicely presented, very promising."

Congratulations to breeder Lene Brevadt (kennel Qualifica), I know you're as
happy about
this as I am .. Cheers;))
Judge Kresten Scheel, Denmark
Di Chi's Brash'n Bold "Keeper" 14 months Exc1, CQ, CAC, 2 best male

"14 months pretty well balanced stylish male with very good head. Brash attentive expression. Prima length of neck,
over the withers into a straight topline. Good angulation front and rear, well developed chest. Prima coat. Coming a bit broad, prima movements from side with long steps. Prima drive behind. "

The day was then topped with eye examination of Tootza and Chevy, both with results
NKK Troms International 28.8 Judge
ystein Eikeseth, Norway;
Di Chi's Brash'n Bold Keeper
               Exc1, CQ, CAC, 2 best male in the competition of high quality.

This day was wet and gray, and I
showed for the first time a dripping wet dog despite the fact that friends showed up with both umbrella and table ringside. A big "thank you" especially for Lill Grill and Ann-Tove, for the loan of an umbrella and tabletable .. .. and of course photography!
Picture of the day at the front
page :)))
A very nice weekend all in all, with many
lovely people .... thanks for all the nice comments on our dogs and congratulations!


After a couple of wonderful weeks in Sweden with walks, swimming and moskito bites, its grate to be back home again.
We also attended a show in Pite, where we had a lovely day.

Skk int. Pite 16.07, Judge Theo Leenen, entry 26 s/s
Di Chis BrashN Bold      Exc 1, CK

Critic is on his site :)

Many thanks to our young ladies who cared so well for the adult dogs at home.
 The four youngsters traveled with us, had many new experienses and has been very good.
Thanks for all nice comments about the dogs from fellow campers througout nordern Sweden!

New photos in Gallery!

Our little Danish girl is developing well, and we added new photos of her.
A wonderful Summer to all !


We attended two National shows in Troms this weekend with young Keeper, now 11 months old, and what a joy he is to show :)
We have been told several times its no point to enter junior dogs anymore, as they very rarely are put up on top.
But ohh, what fun it is when they are!!!

Di Chis Brashn Bold "Keeper"
28.05 arr.THK, entry 13 b/s, Judge Fernando Madeira Rodrigues, Portugal     Exc1,CK,CAC,BOB

It was a good show this year, with many dogs entered...Group 2 is huge and the quality of dogs where high.
6 of the finalist where picked to run for placements, Keeper was among them and the only small breed.....

.....Keeper was called for Best In Group 2 :)
A long day for a young boy, still he enjoyed himself running with the big dogs!
Congrats also to Barbara Fraile and daddy Little Richard Tas V Portenschlag "Rikki" ;)

29.05 arr.NDK, entry 10 b/s, Judge Lilliane De Ridder-Onghena, Belgium           Exc1

More photos from show are added in our Gallery, see last uploads!
Oddrun Sfting-Di Chi Vads was our guest, showing her female Kiwa...
(a lovely youngster that just needs a little more time to fill out).
All in all, a wonderful weekend with nice people and dogs in nice weather!
Many thanks for all nice comments ringside about our young Keeper, and congrats to all winners :)


Keeper has made ​​his debut on show, Nkk international Show in Kristiansand.
The excitement was great,
as the girls in the house found it appropriate to start season 3 weeks before the exhibition. In addition, as Keeper veighs more than 8 kg, he had to travel alone in cargo on flight. We should stay a few days with our friends Olaug and Jan along with 2 Giant Schnauzers, Keeper never meet dogs of that size before.
And the little beard of the house Milli (sister of our Chevy) was also in high season when we arrived:))
And then the exhibition which was also a completely new experience for our young Keeper,
in other words very much new at once and expectations were not particularly high with this in mind.
The young gentleman impressed,
hugely, and we are so proud of him!
He was happy and wagging his tail
coming out of the box at the airport, no signs of stress.
was of course very exciting and he could have imagined some quality
time there,
after 3 weeks of acclimation
with the sent at home before we left he was very well behaved also to this.
New people are for him always a pleasure to greet,
and large dogs fascinated to the point that he forgot all
about season for a while.
Then at showday, and we have only trained posing here at home.
was fantastic, one would think he had done this many times before ... he is a born show dog

Nkk Kristiansand, Judge Anders Tunhold-Hanssen with 11
entrys s/s
Di Chi's Brash'n Bold - Junior Excellent 1  (in competition with
himself and with no ck, that was it for us)


Also everyone's pretty little beard Milli attended along with her owner and handler Olaug Korhonen.
injured her paw around Easter time and therefore has a forefoot shaved from the knee down,
but I have to
I was very impressed when I came down to a perfect rolled coat on the little girl.
was shown how to do this a year ago, but has had to work on her own until now ...
did a fantastic job girl, I'm really greatly impressed!
was the second show for dog and owner, who also trains obedience
with ambisions.
if it was not the big result, we are very ... very proud of you both, just
have a look at how they performed in the ring:)

Di Chi's Can not Stop Smiling - Open Class Very Good


I also finally meet Anneli who also attended the exhibition with her "Hr.Olsen", a handsome Riesenboy :)

Afterwards, it was a really nice evening with shrimp and lots of laughter!
Many thanks to exibitors for all nice comments on our young Keeper ringside and congratulations to all winners!
Thanks to Jan Korhonen, our eminent photographer through the exhibition ... very good work!
Anneli and Emily, Monica and Jan ...
so nice to meet, thanks for your company :))
And dear Olaug and Jan, thank you for another wonderful stay with you in beautiful Kristiansand!


Keepers brother "Laban" and Chottis also attended show in Germany - Dortmund
Many thanks Chottis for super photos, we are so proud of him!


Di Chis Hot Blooded   - Junior class
07.05.11         Excellent unplaced
08.05.11            Excellent 2
Congratulations to a beautiful couple!


Last weekend in April/Mai Irene and Jamie again attended two puppy shows, photos and judges coming!
Again Di Chis Six-Pack was 2 best male and Bos on the respective days :)
Congratulations again Irene, we are happy for all of us!


We got a wonderful surprise from Irene Eriksen, whom attended puppy shows with young Jamie :)

Di Chis Six-Pack
16.04 for Judge Harto Stockmari       2 best male
      17.04 for Judge ZoricaSalijevic             BOS         

Congratulations Irene, good job :)

Little Indy is now 11 weeks, and the first rain free day in weeks must be used!


We wish everyone a Happy Easter!


We resaved nice photos of beautiful Di Chis Hot Blooded "Laban", thank you so much Chottis!


Its wonderful to see he develpoed just as nice as brother Keeper. Even today they are very similar, and has same favorite position on floor :))
There will for sure be more news on Laban in future, we wish both him and Chottis GOOD LUCK!

Indy settled in well, and found her big hero in Keeper, here are new photos of her!



Foto: Lene Brevadt

We welcome our new little girl Qualificas In Style "Indy".
She had many new experiences yesterday, flight, new family and lots of snow. She is taking it all very well, and we are enjoy getting to know this little girl. More of Indy on her site :)

Also young "Viper" has his own site!


Di Chis Bossy-Boots left today for his new home in Troms!
Enjoy life little friend, and our best wishes for you and your new owner Ronny.

Then there where only one of our little boys left, Angel-Eyes, and he will be staying with us :)
New site for him will come soon!


Di Chis Six-Pack "Jamie" left today for his new home with Irene Eriksen (Kennel Cirsium)!


Enjoy life, and "bye,bye" for now little friend!
Our best wishes to Irene and Six-Pack for their future together, looking forward to we meet again :)
New link added!


Keeper are now 8 months old, and we added a new photo of him on his site!
More photos of him from today will be added in Gallery.

Our Gallery got a little "Make over" and are now up and running again, welcome!

Beautiful day, and a wonderful walk with our youngsters :)



New photos of our three youngest boys, now 4 months!
Males available....



Our three remaining boys are developing nice and are now 14 weeks. They are very happy, curious, outgoing and loving!
Light is returning more and more, and we took some new photos of them.




Happy New Year!


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