We wish everyone a Merry Christmas, and many thanks for all nice Xmas-greetings!

Di Chi´s Taylor-Made "Jambo" moved to his new home today.
He remains in Tromsø, and will hopefully be at shows in the future :)
Enjoy life little one, and all our best wishes to you and your new family!

Available males!


Di Chi´s Smarty-Pants "Timon" left today for his new home in Vadsø.
Enjoy life little friend and give kisses to daddy Ego, our best wishes for you and your new family from us all!


We wish you all a happy Advent!

Our little princess Di Chi´s Snazzy-Girl "Lea" has left for her new home in Bodø.
Enjoy life little girl, and best wishes for you and your new family from us all!

Males available!


Keeper are today 5 months, and such a wonderful boy.

New photo also on his site!

Also puppies are 7 weeks today, and litter has own site with new photos on table!
Her are some photos from the last two weeks.




Puppies are now five weeks, and are running round the house!
They are fast and never at the same spot together or for a very long time, so taking photos is quite a challenge these days :))





Our puppies are now three weeks, and here are new photos of them!




We had a very nice weekend at national and international show in Tromsø.
Chevy attended his first adult show at 18 months of age.
He is in his last hormone face, and with two ladies in high season at home result was as expected.
Still lovely weekend!

Di Chi´s Pronto I Say "Chevy"
16.10 Judge Terje Lindstrøm
1quality, 3competition and Honor Price

17.10 Judge Ann-Tove Strande
1 quality, 2 competition

Di Chi´s Cold As Ice "Winnie"...

... became Norwegian Champion
Big congrats to owners kennel Kultiva from us all!


Our babies are one week old, doing very well and enjoying the basics of life...food, sleep and cuddles.




New photos of our beautiful summerboys  Laban og Keeper, now 3,5 months!
Many thanks Chottis for nice photo of "our" little Laban :)



Ziras puppies arrived yesterday, and it really seem to be the year of the boys for us....1 girl and 5 boys...
All very strong and full of life! :)
 No wonder Zira was huge, they are very even and all weighs inn from 200 to 250 gr.
Zira is very proud of her little babies, and as usual she is a fantastic mother.


We had some fantastic Autumn days up north!

...and have enjoyed the mountain with our dogs. Zira´s delivery is closing inn,
but she still enjoys our walks dough in a more calm tempo than usual.
Gallery is opdated with new albums and photos!


We wish all a beautiful Autumn!


"Laban" Di Chi´s Hot Blooded is now well back home in Sweden, the long journey vent just fine.
He made new friends and slept all night in mom´s bed :)
 Our very best wishes to Chottis with this little boy!


Our two boys are soon 10 weeks old, and we are in our last days with both boys in the house!
Little "Laban" Di Chi´s Hot Blooded, will soon leave for his new home in Sweden at Kennel Chottans.
Today was lovely in the forest, and the boys learned to enjoy blueberries :)




New link added!


And then the puppies are 8 weeks, and after much forth and back it is decided that nr.1 stays with us. His daily name is "Keeper" Di Chi´s Brash´n Bold.
He seem to have a lot of his beautiful dad´s exterior and his mom´ s personality, a irresistible mix!
New site is made for him, and also for litter7 under puppies!
Where his beautiful brother is going is still not decided, but he get the name Di Chi´s Hot Blooded!


Daddy Rikki is back home in Argentina, and continues with nice show results!

Congrats, hugs and kisses for Barbara and Rikki!

Ego left late July to live with his new co-owner Hanne Nilsen in Vadsø,
we are very happy to hear he´s thriving and made a new friend in the cat of the house.
Before he left Zira was mated to him, and if all goes well we expect puppies in week 39!


Our boys are 5 weeks today, and are filling the house with laughter from their many stunts.
At this point they are running round the house,
 dragging with them as large things as they can manage...feeling very proud of them self :)

We where hoping to make new photos outside,
but as rain continue day after day we settled for the inside today!




We are so happy with these little boys, and hope they continue their nice development!


Our two baby boys are one week old, has had their nail trimmed and first deworming.
All is well with mother and children, and here are new photos!





The puppies has arrived, two strong lively males, they most likely will become very fat the next few weeks!
This is Tootzas first litter, and she is such a good mom :)
Congrats to Barbara on Rikkis first two puppies!



Our dearest little firend Rikki is now returned to Demnark and his owner Barbara,
where they will stay some weeks with our friends Tony and Uwe.
We all miss him very much, but at the same time happy he joyfully recognized both owner and "aunt Tony".
Many thanks to Barbara for sharing this magnificent boy with us, our best wishes for you two!
We now look forward to Rikki´s and Tootzas puppies are born,
and also to see if our Winnie at Kennel Kultiva will have his puppies in August!


Finally my show plan succeeded, the ash was blowing the other way...

We are well back home from the beautiful south part of Norway, International show in Kristiansand where Rikki made his show debut in Norway!
And what a job he did in spite his long showbreak, strutting his stuff like he was on show last weekend.
We stayed with our dear friends and owners of Di Chi´s Can´t Stop Smiling "Milli", the "Korhonen family".

So Show day 09.May, entry 28 for judge Mrs Britta Roos Böjeson Sweden
Ch Little Richard TAS Von Portenschlag      Excellent 1, CK, CAC, CACIB, Norwegian Champion and BOS


Rikkis critik;
"well developed body, good front, beautiful coat of excellent quality, first-class bite with broad lower jaw,
 dark eyes,excellent cross - tailset - hind quarters, moves excellent behind-a little broad in front, pleasing whole"

We had so much fun, and are so proud of our dear little friend Rikki!
A big thank you to my dear Olaug, whom took all photos of Rikki, you did a super job sweetie!
Rikki now only need one more Cacib for his International Champion title,
big congrats to owner Barbara Fraile and to breeder Uli Portenschlag!
Nice also to meet friends again, thanks for all congrats :)
A young Riesen male decided I would be he´s girlfriend for the day;)))) witch gave us lots of laughter!

After the show we all enjoyed a beautiful sunny day, and Rikki knows how to snuggle!

On the evening it was time to have a little grooming on Milli,
she has developed into a beautiful young lady and we a proud to present new photos of her!


Milli is Chevys sister and has a "dog haven" home with Jan and Olaug,
thank you both so much for all your good work and taking so good care of her!


We should have been in Bergen today where Rikki was to attend Nkk's exhibition, but as a result of natural forces on the Island,
this was impossible as all flight are cancelled do to ash cloud over Scandinavia. Really annoying as we have looked forward to the trip for a long time.
Big thanks to Thon hotels and airlines, which shows great understanding and will refund all prepaid expenses!

Puppy page is updated!
If all goes well, we expect puppies in week 24 after Rikki and Tootza:)


Our dear guest Rikki is 2 year old today, and now ready for show in Norway.
Happy Birthday young man!


Also Chevy recently turned 1 year!

We had a lovely Easter, with wonderful weather and will soon add photos in Gallery ;)


Our puppy plans 2010 are updated!


And so we finally got some snow!
Today was beautiful with sun on glittery new snow, and we made use of the possibility while we had it :)



More will be added in gallery!


The whether is just not cooperating at all as to my plans to make some photos outside.
 We did try, but running cold water on ice did not agree to well with the dogs.

To live so close to the "north pole" we have a rather strange weather these days. Mild weather,
with 20 cm wet snow one day, which then melts away in the rain overnight.
Now is just pitiful remnants of snow left, and a LOT of is!
Patience ended totally and we continued to do photo session inside.
Our beautiful guest Rikki is not only a feast for the eyes, but has such an wonderful personality also.
Here is an example of a typical "Rikki moment":
It's early in the evening New Year's Eve, and shooting of fireworks for the smallest kids has started.
 Here with us there are many young around so there is quite a few bangs going on just outside the windows.
In the middle of the floor completely on his back, with all four legs in the air, Rikki is in deep sleep.
Only sign of life are some twitches now and then in his legs and some snoring, but that's also the whole!


Also young Chevy had new photos made, he is now 9 months- 33,5cm -
and as always full of attitude and joy for life.
Living with Schnauzers are never boring, and there are many moments of smile and laughter!

New photo also on his own site, and new photos coming in Gallery!


A Happy New Year to all :)
Christmas is just cleaned out, and we are looking forward to see how our plans for the new year turn out.
There has been bitter cold and in a flash splashing wet outside, but hopefully soon we can enjoy our camera outside again!