Many thanks to the owners of Di Chi dogs and friends for all nice mails, greetings and photos through -09.
We wish you all a Happy New Year!


We have received beautiful Christmas Greetings.
Thank you all!


The weeks are flying and soon it´s Christmas again!
We are well into preparations, and wish you all a nice Advent :)


Our "VIP" guest has arrived!
Ch Little Richard TAS Von Portenslag "Rikki" will be our guest for a period ahead.
 He is a lovely male with a wonderful personality.
More info about him at the Our Dogs site, and more photos coming!


At the same time that I picked up Rikki, I had a fantastic week with friends in Denmark-
and a real nice show weekend as there where held two international exhibitions in Hårlev.
 One of them had for the first time the title "Danish Winner"!
Me and Tony traveled together with good friends Charlotte and Ulf - kennel Kanix / Gilleraard,
and it was a weekend of great results and much laughter.
As the others showed their dogs, I took Tony's camera and enjoyed ringside with Maria - Svartwalds Kennel.
Photos are coming!

Big Congratulations dear Tony for the beautiful Hunter's 2 * BOB, BIG 3 and
 the title Danish winner through the weekend:))

Big Congratulations also to Charlotte and Ulf with beautiful Kylle´s 2 * BOS and the title Danish Winner,
and also with BIR, 2 * BOS, and the Danish winner for their beautiful Jack Russell Terriers:))

Thank you Tony and Uwe for another wonderful stay with you,
lovely food-good wine-good company and much laughter,
one really can not have it better!


Autumn show in Tromsø was a really nice weekend with only Chevy attending puppy show,
and eye examine next day.

We had good company of Kennel Kultiva, and our dear friend Oddrun also visited with a girlfriend for Ari.

At home the ladies are in their season, and hormones are running wild with the boys.
Also young Chevy at 6 months finds this very exiting
, and he is not quite his usual self for the moment.
All considered he did very well at the show, bit overexcited moving but standing nicely:)))


Di Chi´s Pronto I Say "Chevy", got a very nice critic and BOS puppy!

Big congratulations to Kennel Kultiva from proud breeders,
job well done and super presentation of
Chevys beautiful half sister Winnie!!!

Di Chi´s Cold As Ice "Winnie"             Excellent 1, CAC,BOS

Zig Zag Zira "Zira" and House Kazak Rainbow "Tootza" was eye examined 25.10 with result Clear.

Earlier this Autumn Di Chi´s Roomers´N Gossip "Kaja" moved to her new home,
we know she is thriving and send our best wishes to fam. Forså
New photos will be added in our Gallery soon!


We received nice photos of Chevy´s brother "Boss" 4 months old, many thanks!

Owner: fam.Storm-Johansen

We participated this year at Rana exhibition,
held by Vefsen Dogclub and NSBK group Nordland awarded big CAC 22-23.08.
We packed for summer conditions promised by weather forecast,
and headed south in good company with the Kennel Kultiva!
Well, the whole event was a rather wet experience for both us and the dogs.
A little lucky we were when, after all, the ground was wet but it did not rain when we were in the ring.
4 Di Chi dogs were shown through the weekend, and our youngest daughter debuted as handler.
 She did very well with our 8,5 year old  Dina in the Veteran class.
In the end only beaten by Dinas beautiful daughter Winnie,
 really fun to have mother and daughter as number 1 and 2.

Saturday 22.08 - Judge Kornelija Butrimova, Lithuania

Impala Fantastic Dream            Excellent 1, CAC , 2 best male

Di Chi´s Looking Hot         Excellent 1, 3 best male

Di Chi´s Cold As Ice      Excellent 1, CAC, BOS      Congratulations to owners Kennel Kultiva!

Ch. Turbo Tina              Excellent 1, 2 best female
Congratulations sweetheart, you did super well!!!!

Sunday 23.08 - Judge Hassi Assenmacher, Germany

Puppy show 4-6 months       Di Chi´s Pronto I Say      1 qual, 2 Best male in competition with 6-9months

Impala Fantastic Dream           1 qual, 1 comp

Di Chi´s Looking Hot            Excellent 1, Club CAC, 2 bm - and with this Norwegian Champion!
Congratulations again to his owners Ann-Karin Back and family, we are so proud of you!

Di Chi´s Cold As Ice  1 kval, 2 konk

Holan Hardbeard A La Norvége.Owner: Kennel Kultiva also showed today,
 and the excitement was great when he also stood for the title.
He had the right day. Showed very well, and got the title and best male.
 Big congratulations to Kennel Kultiva with their new Champion!

All in all a nice weekend with family and friends, thank you for showing the dogs ;-)
We started the trip home, with a short visit to Sweden.
Finally sunny weather and the dogs enjoyed themselves playing football.
Photos of new stunts in the gallery, Chevy studying and copying the best I can!


Soon August again, these summer weeks just raced away.
Ari is soon turning 4 year, and it was time to make new photos of him.
As we where at it we also made new ones of Zira,
Both pages are updated with these!
On "boys night out" we brought our camera and got some nice shots, these will be added in our Gallery!

We received new photos of the litter5 offspring after Dina, these are under puppy name in litter section!
Young Bajas from the same litter where with his owners at Kennel Noxeema for grooming.
They sent us photos of the result, many thanks!

We also received happy news from the south ,
where two of Ziras offspring attended "Riesenlägret" in Sweden together with Riesenschnauzer Marte!
Lone from Ziras first litter are training Agility with her beloved owner Toya, in photo dancing for her.
Young Milli from our last litter got to show her track skills, she found them all.
Milli found her big hero in Marte, whom lives together with Lone.
Super social gathering for both two and four legged!
Many thanks to Olaug and Jan for nice photos!



New photo of Kaja on her page.
We wish you all a nice Summer!


We are still waiting for Summer, so we find other things to do as the temperature seem to be stuck in early May.
This time, it was a "make over" on our website!
Little Trixi has left and settled well into her new home in Bodø,
our best wishes for the family Sperstad with this joy bundle!

Chevy did nit like loosing his sister, no competition in the food bowl and no one to cuddle together with at night.
We went to visit his littermate Truls, and the brothers had a good time together a few hours.


National Spring show in Tromsø was attended in the weekend, with good company of Kennel Kultiva.
Two dogs from our breeding had their debut this weekend, along with our young Rumanian import.
As our puppies has been first priority for weeks now, there has been little time for show training our debutants.
All considered we are very pleased with the results.
Very nice also to meet acquaintances again, some after long time brake in "the game".


 13.06   Judge Kirsti Lummilampi-Finland
Impala Fantastic Dream  1-1-HP
Di Chi´s Cold As Ice   1-2-CK-2BTK
Di Chi´s Roomers´N Gossip      2

Winnie: Owner Kennel Kultiva

14.06   Judge Normann Deschuymere-Belgium

Impala Fantastic Dream  1-1-CK-CERT-BIM
Di Chi´s Cold As Ice   1-2
Di Chi´s Roomers´N Gossip   1-1-CK-2BTK

Many thanks to my dear sister and in-law for the nice job they did with Winnie,
and congratulations with CAC and BOB during the weekend on Diaz!

Holan Hardbeard A La Norvége. Owner :Kennel Kultiva

Also many thanks to my dear daughter whom cared for the puppies at home,
and to my dear husband whom always remember the small details for comfort.
He brought a small gas heater, so we where all nice and warm in the tent on day two.
The whether where far from warm.
Both Børge and in-law Bjørn handled the photographing!

Monday Armani Vom Ahrensfeld-Ari and Impala Fantastic Dream-Ego had their eye examine.
Both males got result CLEAR:-)

Have a nice summer everyone!


Two more puppies left this week, and the house feels a bit silent just now.
We thank the new owners for all the nice feedback on how the puppies are doing in their new homes!

Pippi left Monday to her new home in Stavanger, our best wishes to Reidun with this little girl!

Boss left yesterday heading for Verdal, our best wishes for the family Storm-Johansen with this little boy!

The last girl will stay a bit longer with us, keeping Chevy company while her family is on holiday.

Trixi will travel to Bodø in July!


Our puppies are now one by one leaving for their new homes, new page for the litter is on under puppies!

Milli left yesterday, heading south to Nodeland. Our best wishes to the family Korhonen with this little girl!

Truls are leaving today, staying up here in the north. Our best wishes to the family Iversen with this little boy!


Our puppies are 8 weeks old today, and will soon start leaving for their new homes. They have been to their Vet. check up, witch was filmed by NRK3, and will be shown on TV during fall. There where no remarks on the puppies, and we got lots of praise from our Veterinarian for our job with them. New page for the litter with their table photo will come soon!

The weather is not so nice at the moment, stormy and wet, so we enjoy ourself inside, the photos are a week old!


We had a wonderful national day celebration 17.Mai,
 nice and sunny and our last time in the arrangement commity!
Our puppies are now 6 weeks, and enjoy them self outside in the sun. Ego appointed him self the "uncle",
he finds grate joy in laying down and let 6 puppies crawl all over him!

Yellow girl Red girl
Turquois boy Green boy
Pink girl


Our days are getting quite hektic!
6 small puppies are demanding to spend their daytime running around in our living room,
so it´s on with indoor shoes and a mop clear at any time:-))
When they are all down for a nap, next meal is prepared and changes of news papers.

They are a delightful small minis, 5 weeks in photos!

Our puppies turned three weeks, and is getting more fun every day.
They are not quite steady yet but are up on their feet, and the other adults are now allowed to visit!


We had a couple of sad days when the smallest girl got week and died one week old.
The other 6 puppies are now 2 weeks old, just opened their eyes and are nice and chubby!


It´s quite amazing how fast they can move when food is on the agenda !


Our litter 5 are 1 year old today, happy birthday to you!
Kaia and her siblings where 2 year 30.03. A bit delayed from us but, congratulations!
The puppies are thriving, growing thicker every day!


The wait is over!
Yesterday Zira delivered 7 strong and healty puppies - 4 Females and 3 Males.
It was a delivery by the book, and another fantastic experience for us. Zira is an exemplary mother,
the young are also the first priority over her own required needs.

The other dogs understand well there is young in the house again, and are very curios about the  new arrivals.
They are allowed to look , if they keep a distance from the puppy's coffers.
Thanks for all nice congratulations!!!

We wish all a happy Easter.

While we're waiting for the puppies to be born, there have been exhibitions in Denmark this weekend.
Brutus participated in rough competition with 30 entries B / S!
Although he did not go all the way to the top he got nice result and critics.
Nice coat work Pia!

Excellent 1 and next day nr 2
"Small, compact male, appropriate head-nice expression, well placed ears, scissors bite, enough neck,
 excellent topline, excellent angled front and rear, appropriate bone mass, free movement-excellent behind,
 a bit wide and paddling in front, could have more coat texture - excellent colors, prima temperament "

This was also a great weekend for several of our friends, and with results like this,
 we want to express our joy on their behalf:

CONGRATULATION to Ulla and Tony!

Tonys male Made In Spain Cortado"Ramos" participated, and were BOS both days, Congratulations Tony!
Ramos daughter Gillegaard I Phone "Kylle" 
 - was BOB and BIS3 the next day, Congratulations to Charlotte and Ulf !

Lone also took the trip to wonderful DK,
where her young debutant Gregorius Love to my 4th July Mom "Gilbert" brought home a CAC,
 Congratulations Lone!

Someone should really consider the possibility of exporting snow to southern places on the globe.
The tourist come here to experience winter and snow, and we struggle to find deposit for the amount. This should be a winn -winn situation for all! Short time fun in the south (or longer, lord knows we can cover any demand), and the goods are literally falling in our heads:))

We are in the last days before whelping,
and had the dogs one by one on the table for grooming to clear the cedual .
We also made new photos of Ego, theese can be seen on his page!

We received new photos of Di Chi´s Cold As Ice (Winnie),
a very beautiful and well presented young lady, whom are in the best hands.

Owner :Kennel Kultiva

We are very proud and grateful as breeders,
 to have owners whom does such a fantastic job with both socializing and coat.
Many thanks for grate photos!


The sun is really helping with the temperature now , and we had a wonderful couple of hours outside yesterday. Tootza entertained in the accustomed style, she is great fun to photograph!

Zira is now 6 weeks pregnant. She eased down on the speed and acrobatics, but still enjoy the walks!


We had good company of Kennel Kultiva, and 10 dogs had a grate time together.
It was fairly "quiet in the Barn" afterwards, the batteries were empty:)).
New photos in Gallery!


In wonderful winter wither we brought our camera along , more photos can be seen soon in our Gallery!

Zira is expecting puppies, we very much look forward to their arrival.


Zira and her siblings are today 5 year old, congratulations to you all!
New article is on.


Di Chi´s Roomers´N Gosssip is back home with us. She can quite well remember her "grandma",
and we look forward to know her again in an adult version.


We spent some wonderful days in Denmark, as Zira had a romance with Brutus. Hopefully this results in some adorable puppies in April!
Many thanks to Pia and Brutus owner Sille, for their hospitality and a nice stay in Haslev.
Just before returning home, we visited at Lene and her current litter at Qualificas Kennel. The little ones where compact with shiny black coats. Thanks for the invite Lene, and our best wishes for the puppies future-
they look good.

We also had time for a quick stay at Tony and Uwes place, as always very nice-thanks for having us!
During the weekend we attended show with them,
quite a successful day for Tony, Ulla and their lovely black ones.
Alex Dolina Rivendell Ka-Vanga- "Lexie" became Danish Champion, again congratulations Ulla and Tony!
Then Lexie was BOS and  Tonys Hunter  Club winner and BOS.

Elkost Head Hunter                                                Alex d. r. Ka-Vanga
Hunter also placed as BIS3!

Congratulations also to Solvejg and Svend with the result on their lovely little Schnauzer lady!

In every way we got the most of our trip, and so nice to see friends and acquaintances in Denmark again!


Happy New Year!
Although the weather was not the best for walks outside, we enjoyed Christmas with good food and then some coat work. Our site got a "makeover", good with a change from time to time.

We got permission to use these photos of "Lone" Di Chi´s I´m No Pussycat,
thank you Anneli.


We are also planning next litter, and will be back with more info on this!