There is a card taken from our gallery in circulation,
to all of you that has asked about this
Yes it´s my photo of Tootza, and no they did not have my consent to use it!

So the cookies are in the jar, floors are mopped and gifts are rapped .
Today we decorate our three, and relax with our feet high:)
Merry Christmas!

Weeks pass by so soon, and again it´s December!
We received the first Christmas greeting, view the link over.
We wish you all a nice season! 

Danish Kennel  Club does no longer have the rule of resting CAC.
We have to give it a second try for Tootzas Danish title.
The Champion title in Norway is confirmed!

Young Ego has arrived in our house. Many thanks Ioana(Impala Kennel),
he is such a charmer.
New link also added! Soon we will add more photos in our gallery from last show!

This fall´s show in Tromsø was a very nice weekend together with family,
good friends ,
puppy buyers and other dogs enthusiasts.
Many thanks for all nice comments on our dogs from other exhibitors!
Saturday became a fantastic day for us,
many thanks to judge Jørgen Hindse from DK !

Many thanks to Kultiva kennel,
my dear sister and "in law Bjørn" whom showed young
Di Chi´s Cold As Ice (Winnie) very good at her first puppy show.
It´s been a while since he competed in the Schafer ring,
and I believe the contrast was quite big:)).
Winnie has a coat to be respected at only 6 months of age,
we are very proud and happy that little Winnie moved in at Kennel Kultiva .
Thanks for the many hours of coat work you put in to show the lady  this weekend.
You where a grate team, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
This year my good friend Oddrun S."Di Chi Vadsø" attended the show,
as she where to eye examine her Maya.
A bit of shopping, good food, lots of laughter and talk, very nice to see you again!

THK Saturday 18.10.08  Judge Jørgen Hindse

  Di Chi´s Cold As Ice  "Winnie"    BOB  Puppy show

Di Chi´s Looking Hot "Zorro"
Owner Ann-Karin Bach

Excellent 2, 6 best male

House Kazak Rainbow "Tootza" Excellent 1,CERT, BIR, BIG
Tootza now awaits confirmations on both Norwegian and Danish Champion title!





Congratulations to Kultivas handsome Diaz with yet another CAC and  BOS!
Holan Hardbeard A La Norvége

NKK Sunday 19.10.08  Judge Leif-Herman Wilberg
Di Chi´s Looking Hot                             1 quality, 4 competition
House Kazak Rainbow                           Excellent 3, 4 best female

Two of our dogs Tootza and Zira where also eye examined this dag with result CLEAR!!!


 Di Chi´s Midnight White(Simba) from our last litter, has visited for grooming.
She has developed nicely, and we wish her owner Karen Sørensen best of luck with her in the future!
Thank you Karen for taking such good care of her!



Finally the rain stopped, and new photos of Dina where taken!


7.5 year old, yet still a beauty!

We closed up summer shows with a trip to wonderful Denmark,
to participate at the Danish Miniature Schnauzer club anniversary show in Helsinge.
We traveled with Lone(Gregorius Kennel), and Per who taped the event for us..Many thanks!!!!
It was a very nice weekend, with exhibitors from several European country.
Nice people, both good friends and new aquatints. Thank you all for a memorable weekend.
The show was held outside, genially inside a huge party tent as we had heavy rain the first day. Sunday was sunny and almost too warm for me and Tootza:))
We had the show just outside our hotel door,
and was very pleased with the judging starting at 11 o'clock both days.

There where a total of 86 Miniature Schnauzers entered, in B/S 37 Saturday and 39 Sunday! Saturday 23.08: Open Class 10 b/s , Judge Frances Krall (England)
House Kazak Rainbow        Excellent 4 Sunday 24.08: Open Class 12 b/s, Judge Mrs.Sylvia Hammarström (USA)
House Kazak Rainbow       Excellent 1, CAC, 2 best female

Tootzas page is updated with her critic!

Many thanks to my dear friend Tony Schultheiss, whom took these photos!
Also my dear friend Lone and the black ones she brought did well.
Sunday I had the honor to show young Ekko,
a beautiful daughter of the gold dog Shadow.
They all received excellent, and especially Lones pretty Cola did very well with club CAC both days and BOS Sunday!


Congratulations also to Tony, 
her beautiful boys Ramos and Hunter was BOB
and  placed in the BIS ring one day each!

Made in Spain Cortado BIS 3 Hopefully there will come more photos,
a fun detail at shows in Denmark is best grooming competition.
All our dogs where qualified to attend.

We ended the weekend with dinner, and show video at Tony and Uwes place.
As always delicious dinner and lots of laughter, good to see you both again!

Autumn will son set in, after a summer rather short on sun.
Oh well, with autumn comes fantastic colors and hopefully nice weather to enjoy with our dogs.
There is new photos of Tootzas father on her page, a worthy holder of all his titles!
Also new link added to "Lone" Di Chi ´s I´m No Pussycat.

Our  grand lady Dina has retired from breeding after four litters.
She is back in shape, and looking quite impressive for a 7,5 year old.
We are very proud of her and will add new photo of her soon!
She will now help guide the youngsters, and may show as veteran in time!

We received a new photo of  Di Chi´s Split and Rule, under litter 4.

So, happy Autumn season everybody!

Other than that, our dogs are happy to be home in their usual terrain.
We share with you photos from our last mountain walk, witch was fantastic!!!

Also new photo in the "about us" page. More can be seen in our gallery!

We just arrived back home after our holiday in Sweden, where Tootza also attended

It was a long drive, but well worth the effort.

There where 177 black and Silver entered at the show- In intermediate class 21 females.
 03.07.08 Judge ZENA THORN-ANDREWS
House Kazak Rainbow    excellent and 2´nd place

Unfortunately we have no photos from the show,
as Børge had to stay in our camper with the other dogs.
It was 30 degrees that day, and to warm for them to be left alone.
If anyone should happen to have  photos of catalog number 1960,
we would be very grateful to receive them!
Results from the show can be found here.

However we have photos taken the days after the show


Congratulations also to the proud breeders of Tootza, Kennel House Kazak!

New Photos in Gallery!

The last photos of Di Chi´s Just Add Water. Bajas travelled to his new home today,
and the house is quiet and empty.
We look forward to hear news on our little ones, along with photos!

Soon school is over, and temperatures hopefully rising.
We´ll be back with more news after our holiday.
We wish you all a good summer!!!!

Most of our puppies has left for their new home,
only little Bajas will stay until the weekend.
That is very nice for both us and Dina.
It gives us a gradual adjustment to an almost empty house;))
It has been quite hard sending these wonderful little ones away.
Luckily we get to follow little Winnie closely,
since she has moved in at Kennel Kultiva.
There she is thriving along with their beautiful black minis!!!!
We thank all our puppy owners for their reply,
 and kind words about our socialization work!
We hope to see most of them in the ring, hopefully beating us also:).
New link added!

Best of luck to you all!

Delivery date is closing inn on our puppies.
Today we had last grooming and with the help of J&B Miniature Schnauzer,
had their photos taken!!!!
The candle in the photo is 15 cm tall,
a present for Christmas from Kennel Barba Nigra.
You can find the photos on our puppies page, under Litter 5.

This years spring show in Tromsø is well over with,
and during this weekend we had almost all seasons in weather!
We had 3 dogs entered both days,
and would like to thank Torild Tennvassås who helped a lot ringside.
Many thanks for keeping system with dogs, along with preparations and number in between changes.
Torild brought her husband Vidar and their little girl Thea,
 and together with J&B Miniature Schnauzer we had a very good time.

31.5  for Judge Hans Van Den Berg
         Armani Vom Ahrensfeld 
"Up to size. Very nice type. Tip Top Show condition. Like color and coat texture."
Very nice head shape. Flat scull. Good ear set. Dark eyes. Good front and rear.
Short back. Excellent temper. Mooves with drive.

 Excellent 1.CK.CAC.BOS. N Uch title  House Kazak Rainbow     Excellent 1.CK.2 best female.


Zig Zag Zira            Excellent 2

1.6 for Judge Ove Gjermundsson
Armani Vom Ahrensfeld      Excellent 1.CK.BOS

Di Chi´s Extravaganza     Excellent 1

Zig Zag Zira                   Excellent 1

Heartfelt congratulations to Kennel Kultiva, with a fantastic debut on their young black import Diaz!
A real eye catcher with a lovely personality, whom even placed himself in the group ring at only 13 months of age!!!

Holan Hardbeard A La Norvége
Both days CAC and BOB
Sunday BIG4
Very good job !!!!!

Børge and my in-law Bjørn at J&B did much of the hard work this weekend,
as usual.
They carried crates and equipment, and moved our show tent between days and rings.
They also where the photographers!!! You are FANTASTIC!!! 

Today our puppies had their veterinary examination. All healthy and happy,
and melted harts among the employees.
 New photos of them during the week!!!

Our daughters confirmation where held last weekend,
and our puppies attended for socialization!
They all handled them self just fine. 


Time is flying, and we wish all a happy 17.May(National day of Norway)!
In our home there is full speed ahead with our five little ones,
whom investigates everything curiously.
Photos of the pups at 5 weeks!



Congratulations to my good friend Tony(Barba Nigra Kennel) in Denmark,
 with the results this weekend in the showring!
Made in Spain Cortado(Ramos) was International Champion!
Congratulations also to Lexis CAC and Cacib!


Made in Spain Cortado BOB         Alex Dolina Rivendell Ka - Vanga ( Lexi ) BOS

Spring finally arrived, with wonderful temperatures and heavy snow melting.
I decided to use the occasion to wash some rugs, "brilliant idea" said Tootza!

 0  0

Our litter is starting to liven up. They are just starting to stand up on their feet, somewhat jiggling,
and have a lot to be said from time to time;))

Puppy page is updated with pups pedigree!


The puppies a thriving, and already doubled their weight.
They had their nails trimmed and got their first worm treatment,
under huge protest from strong lungs.
Determination  is not lacking;)))

As usual Dina delivered her puppies according to date 10.April.
3 males and 2 females, with weight from 200-240 gr.
Mother and Children are doing well!

0 0


 Our beloved Dina is 7 years today, Congratulation!
Zira and Ari´s puppies was one year old on the of March, Congratulations!

We are back from our Easter trip to the mountain. It´s been could,
all the way down to -32 at night but with wonderful weather.
The dogs had many short walks outside,
they are small and feel the could much so close to the ground.
Ari and Tootza spent the time in the sled on our Scooter trip,
where it was warm and nice in the sun!


Dina is getting round, and enjoy her food at the time.
She wagged along on the walks outside,
but had to crawl into dad´s jacket for some warmth at times.
Naturally she is no rocket at the moment,
and stayed in the camper with Zira while we went on our Scooter trip.
One of the things the dogs enjoy the most in our camper is that they sleep with mom and dad, Tootza found it worth trying back at home too:))

While we where away, we received nice Easter greetings!
Many thanks for those. Now we look forward to our new litter!


At the time we have really beautiful weather, and today we got some nice photos on our walk.
Tootza entertained us with her favorite hobby "catch the snowball",
one wonders how she survives her stunts.
More photos in our gallery!

0  0

  We spent last weekend in Finland on our camper,
and received photos from one of our short
stay outside in the could!

0  0
Photo:Bjørn Kvalheim

New photos of Di Chi´s Extravaganza on her page!
New photos of House Kazak Rainbow on her page!


0              0

  Dina is mated to Qualifica´s Bossanova(Brutus),
and if all goes well we expect puppies after them in week 15!
We had wonderful days i springtime Denmark, and spent a day in Sorø town until Lene finished work.
Many thanks to Lene and family(Kennel Qualifica) for a pleasant stay in your home.
Also thanks to Lene and Pia, owner of Brutus,
for all organizing in regards to Dinas romance!
At Lenes place we also had a nice puppy day with other breeders in Denmark,
and her puppies really look fantastic. More info on Brutus you can find here!


I also had time to visit with Tony and Uwe again(Kennel Barba Nigra),
and was naturally quite popular with their beautiful males,
 carrying such lady smells on my clothes.
Sunday we where invited to Charlotte and Ulf (Kennel Gillegaard)
to have a look at their puppies after Tonys male Ramos.
Thanks for the invite, the puppies where very pretty.
Dear Tony and Uwe,
 many thanks for your usual hospitality, it is very good to be a Norwegian in Denmark!

Pictures from our trip in Gallery! 

We made a new Gallery page, and recommend Slide Show for best view!


 We are back to everyday life,
and outside the light is returning more and more every day!
The dogs still enjoys our mountain walks,
since we have a total lack of snow so far this winter.

We wish a happy new year to you all!
Many thanks for all nice greetings we received.