News 06 and 07!

We wish the owners of our puppies, friends and visitors, Merry Christmas!
Many thanks for all the pretty we have received !
Weeks are passing by fast, and soon it´s Christmas again!
We wish all our visitors a happy season.

New articleis published!
Many thanks to Rita Trainin for writing it for me, and for adding all photos to it!
The theme is about the foundation of Black and Silvers in Europe.


The October show is well over this year, we had a nice weekend with family,
friends and puppy owners!
Saturday started quite hectic with stormy rain whether,
and four dogs to groom and keep dry.
Many thanks to Ingrid Tennvassås who handled Pippi at her two first shows,
and to my sister Jannie who stepped in with Zira.
Saturday 20.10 Tromsø Hundeklubb, Judge Svein Helgesen


Armani Vom Ahrensfeld           Excellent 1, CK,4 best male


Di Chi´s Extravaganza      Excellent2, Honor Price


House Kazak Rainbow     Excellent 1, CK,CAC,3 best female, 

Zig Zag Zira   Excellent 1, CK,6 best female  Turbo Tina and Zig Zag Zira was also eye examined CLEAR!

  Congratulations to Jannie and Shiba, best female again. you did a grate clipper job!

Gregorius No Preservatives   BOS Sunday the whether improved a lot,
still windy but with 11 degrees.
 This day our young debutantes where quite tiered,
 especially Pippi who most of all wanted to go home and sleep !
 Her brother Oskar(Extraordinary) showed for the first time this day.
Considering that both dog and owners where totally new in the game,
 and a coat that was to long he did well. Thanks to Arnt and Torunn for showing him.  Sunday 21.10  Nkk´s International Show in Tromsø- entry 28
Judge Ulf Bråthen

Armani Vom Ahrensfeld    Excellent 1, CK,CAC,2 best male,res.CACIB

  2             2             2
                   Ari                    Best Male Class               End result             

Di Chi´s Extraordinary    Excellent 3 (Junior Class) 

Di Chi´s Extravaganza   2


House Kazak Rainbow   Excellent 1, CK, CAC, BOS

   2     2        2

Zig Zag Zira    Excellent 1 (Open Class)


Many thanks sis, you did a wonderful job with a(for the day) rather difficult lady.
 Big congratulations to Jannie and Shiba, even with 15 entry's you hold your ground!

 2    2

  Gregorius No Preservatives     Excellent 1, CK, BOS, CACIB
The show environment where totally new to our junior dogs,
And we think they did very well!
 We are especially proud of our debutant Tootza,
who handled herself excellent at her first two shows.
The judge wanted to give her Cacib also, but Tootza is to young still !
A person ringside got very ill this morning.
Our thoughts goes to him and his family, we hope it ended well.

New links added!

We are on-line with new page and domain!
The old page has very limited space,
and will continue as Di Chi department Vadsø on our link page.
We hope you enjoy your stay!

Congratulations to Jelena(House Kazak Kennel), with Klub Sieger 2007 title on
Express Man Rezlark and his daughter House Kazak Sunflower.


News from Kennel Schnau-Sør, thanks to Jan and Monica for Pictures and critic!
Little Lones debut in puppy class.

 2 2

Dvergschnauzer sort/sølv
Valp 4-6 mnd
Dommerkritikk: 5 1/2 months old.
"Good size and bone. Long head. Strong muzzle. Good eyes and ears. Good neck. Top line not ready yet.
Good tail carriage. Well sprung ribs. Good shoulders. Well angulated behind. Good movement.
Correct color. Good texture of coat for age."
Dommer: Natalija Nekrosiene
Handler: Lill Gøril Skogvik New link to Shiba added!

 New photos on Tootza´s page

NSBK´s breeders list is restored to old edition, thank you!

Show news on Di Chi´s Looking Hot,
Congratulations to owner Ann-Karin and Zorro!!!
Di Chi´s Looking Hot


Støren 25.aug Trøndelag selskapshundklubb.
Judge Colette Muldoon:
"Nice dark eyes. Cor. head and ear set. Nice rea. Of neck.
Nice square body, cor topline and tailset moved well comming and going
Result: Exellent1 , CK, CAC, BM , BIM

Støren 26.aug Norsk Terrier klubb 
Judge Lisbeth Mach:
"V. strong typ. male, g. size, ex coat + colour, V. friendly, ex. short body, strong topline, g. neck and ang.
 Head in comp. to body,
head little too heavy in scull, g. Mover. Like little more tempr
Result: Exellent1 , CK, CAC, BM , BIM New pictures in Gallery!


 We are back again after a rather late summer holiday.
We really enjoyed ourselves both two and four legged!
In the meantime puppies where born in Vadsø 3 females and 3 males.
All is well with mother and children, Congratulation Oddrun with a grate litter!!!

We resume our kennel meetings, and look forward to see everybody again!
New pictures will come soon.

Finally House Kazak Rainbow "Tootza", is home with us!
She is just "the little devil" as I remember, and has developed very nice.
Again, many thanks to Jelena and Marko for this wonderful girl.

To my very good friend Tony with family, and Ulrike in Germany,
lots and lots of thanks!!
You have done a great job with her!


 We travelled to Trondheim last weekend to participate at NKK International show before summer holiday.
Thanks to Lone for pleasant company and a seat in her car.
Many thanks to Astrid and Torbjøn Welle (Kennel Tjurrupynten),
for hospitality and wonderful food this weekend.
All dogs interacted very well.

Judge Beata Petkevicha:
Armani Vom Ahrensfeld    1 kval, 1 konk, CK, 4 bhk, res.cacib

We will take summer holiday now and wish our puppy buyers, friends and visitors
Happy holiday!

Congratulations to Jelena and Oskar,
House Kazak Kennel,
on grate results in Zagreb.
Tootza?s father is European winner -07

Express Man Rezlark - V1, CAC, CACIB, EUROPEAN WINNER 2007 0


Ari attended spring show in Tromsø this weekend.
We where lucky and had fairly good whether, so we stayed dry both days.


Foto: Torild Tennvassås 09.06.07  Dommer/Judge Marija Kavcic:
 Armani Vom Ahrensfeld          1 Kval, 1 konk, CK, 2 Bhk 10.06.07 Dommer/Judge

Marie Bailey:
 Armani Vom Ahrensfeld          1 Kval, 2 Konk, CK, 2 Bhk
Gregorius No Preservatives "SHIBA",also attended this weekend.
She got CAC and BOS both days,
 and earned the title Norwegian Champion.
Congratulations to sister and owner Jannie Grønning,
 and to my good friend and breeder Lone Gjerdalen"Kennel Gregorius" 


Soon it´ll be time for the puppies to leave for their new home.
We wish all the best for both new owners, and our little ones in the future.
There has been little time for computer and updates, we have just enjoyed the pups.
New pictures of the litter under puppies!  

At NKK´s international show in Harstad this weekend, with entry 16 b/s for judge Nils Molin- Sweeden,
Ari got following result!  Armani Vom Ahrensfeld        1 auk, 2 aukk, Ck, 4 bhk

2  2  2

New pictures of our puppies- Puppies!


 Easter holiday is well over, although the weather could have been better!
Still there where scooter safari, and grilling.
The puppies are growing, they are just about to open their eyes.
The gallery is updated with pictures from Easter, and Puppy Photos page with pictures of current litter!!!
Thanks for all nice Easter greetings! 

Zira´s puppies are born! 3 Males and 2 Females.
The delivery vent fine, and all is well with mother and children.
Pictures coming soon! 

"Pippi" Di Chi´s Extravaganza has visited for some grooming.
The young lady has developed well so far,
many thanks to her caretakers Turid and Ole for the grate job they have done with her.
New picture of Pippi on her page! 

 Congratulations to Kennel Schnau-Sør with the little male puppy after Bettie and Ari.
We look forward to follow his development, and wish him all the best in the future!
Zira shows all signs of pregnancy, and we look forward to have puppies in the house again.
Dina´s first litter was 3 years on the 27. of February, congratulations from us all!


Zira is mated with Ari!!
Puppies  expected early April, with delivery in June.

  For the -06 litter, we had a grooming class this weekend.
It was a great reunion for both puppies and "grandma".
We thank the owners for the attendance!!!

Zira is in heat!!! New photos from my good friend Tony of "Tootza",
thank you so much!!


 Ari had lady visit during Christmas holiday,
puppies expected at Kennel Schnau-Sør in February/March.
Link to their site added!

To all our friends and visitors, Happy New Year !


We give thanks to friends and visitors, for all the wonderful Christmas Greetings we have received!!!!

  Many visitors have requested an English version of our site.
We have had plans to do this for a while, and hope our foreign visitors will enjoy their stay her.

In the middle of Christmas preparations I took time to travel to Jelena and Marko "House Kazak Kennel",
 to choose my new female in a litter of four.
She temporarily stays in Denmark, and will arrive in our home spring -07.
To my very good friend Tony "Kennel Barba Nigra" in Denmark, a million thanks.
Without you this would not be possible.
And to both Tony and her husband Uwe, thank you for a pleasant stay and wonderful hospitality.


To all our friends and visitors, Merry Christmas!

 Ari attended Nordic Winner show at Vikingeskipet in Hamar,

Judge Freddie Klindrup, entry 44 b/s
Armani Vom Ahrensfeld          1 AUK, 2 AUKK

We trawled with Jannie and Shiba, and as usual we thrived during our stay at
my dear friends Lone and Terje "Kennel Gregorius".
Thank you both so much for your hospitality !
Jan and Monica "Kennel Schnau-Sør", also accompanied  us. They received the
title Nordic Winner and  BOS on their  Risen, Congratulations!!!!

 It was 2 risen, and  8 minis (3 males and 5 females) in the house this weekend, of where 3 females
where in heat.
Lone´s beautiful Shadow really impressed me with his hospitality to Ari considering the girls,
 no hard feelings or frustrations. That concentration was a bit of in the ring we expected.
We had a wonderful weekend with friends at vikingeskipet,
big thanks to Astrid and Thorbjørn
who served lunch ringside after a long day.
We look forward to future dog weekend i 2007!!!!

The yearly Octobershow in Tromsø, with results:
 Tromsø Hundeklubb 21.10.06, Judge Anita Whitmarsh entry 21

Armani Vom Ahrensfeld                        1 AUK, 2 AUKK, HP, 3 VK, CK, 4 BHK
Di Chi´s Lucky With Maya                                             1 AUK, 3 AUKK
ZigZagZira                                                                1 AK, 3 VK

 NKK´s internasjonale Show 22.10.06, Judge Mette Mathisen Tufte entry 24

Armani Vom Ahrensfeld     1 AUK, 1 AUKK, HP, 1 VK, CERT, 1 BHK, CACIB, BIM
Di Chi´s Lucky With Maya                                          1 AUK, 2 AUKK
Zig Zag Zira                                               1 AK, 2 VK, CK, 5 BTK
DiChi´sKaia                                                                 2 AK

Congratulations also to Jannie and Gregorius No Preservatives "SHIBA" ,
with BOS and CAC both days!
We tank our friends, puppy buyers and puppy hosts for pleasant company this show weekend.
Little "Pippi"had her first introduction to the show environment,
this time as supporter for daddy and big sister.
She thought it was a bit scary at first, with so many dogs all at ones,
but in the arms of "mum Turid" she soon regained her confidence !!
Big thanks to Ingjerd Rushfeldt, who helped with the dogs ringside.

All dogs also got their eye examined 21.10.06 with result clear!

The puppies will soon travel to their new homes,
they are now in their 8. week and new photos
 are updated under litter 3.
Di Chi´s Extravaganza will stay with us,
she will live with our host Turid and Ole Tennvassås.
She will be called "Pippi" on a daily base, new page on her comes soon!!!  
We wish all the best for our puppy buyers with the "cuties" in the future!

Di Chi's Looking Hot has entered the ring, with grate results and critics:


 Ranautstillingen 19.8.06, Judge Marija Kavcic      
Vefsnutstillingen 20.08.06, Judge Blaz Kavcic 
1AUK, 1AUKK, HP, 1VK  
Hundefestivalen i Trondheim 26.08.06,  Judge Harry Tast  
Hundefestivalen Trondheim 27.08.06, Judge Carl-Gunnar Stafberg 

Congratulations to owner Ann-Karin Bach with family. You did a wonderful job!!
The puppies are growing and thriving, they have started tumbling around on their feet!
 New photos under puppies.

   Do to reinstalling our computer, updates has been late.
Aris puppies are born!
Tufsa in Vadsø delivered 09.08, 3 Females and 2 Males
Dina  delivered 15.08, 1 Female and 4 Males
Mothers and children are all fine, puppies are lively and strong.
Congratulation to Di Chi´s Looking Hot (Zorro) with show debut in Bodø,
 for Judge Ritva Raita,Finland.
1 Jk, 2 Jkk

  "høyde 34 cm. Prop av meget god type, kraftig maskulint hode, velkroppet og vinklet.
 Noe lang pels, underull er borte, beveger seg bra. Halen noe bedre."
Congratulations to owner Ann-Karin Bach with family, and thanks for his photo.
Well done! We also had a nice vacation in Sweden, with warm whether and lots of swimming for the dogs.


  Back again after a pleasant weekend in Oslo, Drammen og Jevnaker.
Wonderful summer whether with  25-27 degrees!
Big thanks to Lone og Terje Gjerdalen "Kennel Gregorius", for a wonderful stay in your home.
You really have "dog paradise" on your property. Congratulations also with grate results
this weekend on pretty dogs with wonderful personality!!!

Many thanks to Tony Schultheiss "Kennel Barba Nigra",
who came all the way from Denmark to be with us
 Tony gave our dogs a very nice finish before the show.
She also was this weekends photographer, and we have the nice result!!!!
You are all wonderful friends.
  Result from NKK Drammen17.06 Judge Jul Hamlot
Armani Vom Ahrensfeld      1 Jk, 3 Jkk, HP, 5 VK, CK, 6 Bhk

Result from NSBK Jevnaker 18.06 Judge Thomas Rohlin
Armani Vom Ahrensfeld       1 Jk, 2 Jkk, HP, 3 Vk, CK, 5 Bhk


  Also congratulations to my sister Jannie and "Shiba" with following result:
 Lørdag 17.                       1 Jk, 1 Jkk, HP, 5 Vk
       Søndag 18.         1 Jk, 1 Jkk, HP, 2 Vk, CK, 2 Btk


The dogs handled both shows very good, considering the heat.

Tufsa and Dina  are mated with Ari.
We hope to have puppies in week 32 and 33.
Results from show in Tromsø: Norwegian Dalmatian club 10.06.06  Judge Åke Cronander
Armani Vom Ahrensfeld                   1 JK, 3 Jkk
Di Chi´s Lucky With Maya                       2 Auk
Zig Zag Zira                               1 Ak, 4 Vk

Tromsø Dog club 11.06.06  Judge  Beth Warman

Armani Vom Ahrensfeld                        1 Jk, 3 Jkk
           Di Chi´s Lucky With Maya                     1 Auk, 1 Aukk, HP, 4Vk
Zig Zag Zira                                   1 Ak, 5 Vk Gregorius

No Preservatives "SHIBA", the black little charmer in the family, made a wonderful debut this weekend.
1Jk, 1 JKK, HP, 1 Vk, CAC, Best female, BOS Both days!
Congratulations to sister, owner and Handler Jannie Grønning. Well done!
Many thanks to in law Bjørn who helped with the dogs ringside.
New photos on Aris page!

We just have to admit it, we where "surprised" again.
We took the Summer in advance and got surprised by snow, even the dogs where uncomfortable.
Hopefully it improves, and we wish victors and puppy owners a happy 17. May!

Dina had her 5. birthday, and are just as happy and quick as ever.
Dina and Ari  where eye examined clear 12.05.06


 Results from NKK Harstad 23.04.06  Judge Vigdis Nymark:          
 Zig Zag Zira                     1 AK, 3VK, CK, 4BTK            
  Zirkus Zanto  
Zanto was too dark in colour for the judge and got 2. ,
he still received a wonderful critic.
Thanks to owner Torild Tennvassås and handler Ingrid Tennvassås  for showing him.
We are proud of you and the grate job you do with him!!                                                     

           Ari and Shiba attended for environment training. 
It was many impression to handle, and a very early night  on the youngsters!
We look forward to the next show in June, where also they will attend.

New years ewe over for this time, luckily our dogs handles all rockets and "bangs"
rather well.
Ari has turned 5,5 months and his page is updated with new photos.

We look forward to a new show year-06, and wish our puppy owners all the best in the ring!